Chiropractic care for Wellness

Natural Nutritional Support Options

Nutritional counseling and support at Maryland Spine Institute begins with a comprehensive health examination. You will set nutritional goals and work to reach each milestone with guidance and care. Our medical professionals will develop a complete and unique plan to assist you in reaching your nutritional wellness goals and act as an accountability partner to help track your success.



SALIZAIN TM is an all-natural pain reliever that can eliminate minor discomforts and allow the healing process to progress. SALIZAIN is a natural product that is less damaging to the body than traditional pain relievers. Salizain provides lasting, effective pain relief, thus allowing for a more timely healing response.



Nutra Disc® is a natural supplement for disc injuries and related connective tissue problems. Nutra Disc® contains a specialized blend of ingredients designed to encourage the body’s natural response to maintain good joint health, promote the production of collagen, and support the rebuilding of cartilage. This helps hold your spine together, keep it in alignment, and able to move pain free.



Cosamin ASU is highly recommended with shoulder and knee pain, promoting joint health. The active ingredients help rebuild cartilage breakdown and slow down the process of cartilage deteriorating. When there is no cartilage between joints, it creates bone on bone interactions resulting in pain. Cosamin ASU can help prevent and treat sore joints.



ZYMAIN TM is Indicated during the acute phase of treatment for the reduction of acute inflammation, such as after a muscle strain, ligament sprain or acute disc herniation. ZYMAIN is designed to provide natural nutrition to assist in reducing inflammation and support fast tissue repair after trauma. Zymain helps support joint repair while shortening recovery time.



PRO-ENZ TM was formulated for extended nutritional support of inflammation management. PRO-ENZ is a nutritional supplement taken during the maintenance (chronic) phase of recovery. It combines a variety of herbal extracts to assist in recovery from trauma, superficial and deep muscle bruises, tendon and ligament pain and strenuous exercise.



(Spasm, Cramping, etc.)
NEURO-EASE TM provides a truly specialized formula that contains a blend of concentrated botanicals, vitamins, and minerals targeted for nerve and muscle health to support your care. NEURO-EASE helps the body focus on maintaining a healthy nervous system. By providing key nutrients can help restore normal tonicity and help heal soft tissues faster.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Information provided by Dr. Rochelin Herold, DC, MS, BS, CEAS & The Maryland Spine Institute