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The Maryland Spine Institute is proud to provide a variety of products that have been proven to relieve pain and improve physical health. These products complement the spinal adjustments and physical therapy and help to conservatively treat chronic or acute pain from a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.

We offer products such as:

Tens Unit

The Tens Unit is a portable electrical muscle stimulation device that helps reduce muscle spasm, inflammation, and pain while at home or work.

Lumbo-Sacral Orthotics

The LSO is a back brace that gives stability and support to your spine and helps prevent your muscles from over flexing or over extending.

Cervical Pillow

The cervical pillow helps to provide proper support for your neck’s curve (lordosis) while sleeping.

Lumbar & Cervical Posture PumpsThe posture pumps relieve stiffness and discomfort by lifting, stretching, and separating the joints.

Lumbar & Cervical Denneroll

The denneroll is a spinal orthotic that helps to stretch and lift the joints to relieve muscle tension and help correct poor spinal curves.

Lumbar Pillow

The lumbar pillow helps to provide proper support for your lower back’s curve (lordosis) while sitting.

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“Dr. Herold is great! Physical therapy combined with chiropractic has changed my life. Dr. Herold is professional, attentive, knowledgeable, courteous, and helpful. The staff at the office is the best!”

- Erik J.

“Dr. Herold is great! The combination of spinal decompression, physical therapy, and chiropractic care worked so well for me in just a month. And the staff is so friendly and accommodating!”

- Jen W.

“I came to Maryland Spine Institute because I was experiencing back pain early in my second trimester. I can not recommend Dr. Herold enough to any pregnant woman who is looking for some natural pain relief.”

- Sara W.

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