Chiropractic care for Wellness

Diagnostic Procedures

carpal tunnel

Foot Orthotics
Properly constructed, custom-fit orthotics address the mechanics of the feet, which are the foundation for your entire body. Our custom fit orthotics are not only comfortable, but then help correct many biomechanical problems of the body.

Orthotics are necessary when the arch of the foot pronates (drops, falls, flattens…), and the mechanics of the foot rotates the lower leg, and the upper leg. The pelvis is also torqued and one side “drops”. This can cause serious mechanical stress throughout the joints of the lower extremities, the pelvic and the spine (even up to the neck).The goal of custom orthotics are to provide a proper foundation for your feet and help stabilize your entire body.

At the Maryland Spine Institute, things are done differently with our custom-fit and biomechanically correct orthotics. We scan the patient’s foot to determine where the most pressure is being place, and we custom-fit the orthotics to give support where needed most. These orthotics not only correctly address the biomechanical problems, but they are very comfortable.

X-Ray Studies
Our office now offers state-of-the-art digital x-rays that are taken in the office for your convenience. Dr. Herold will closely analyze the x-rays and use objective measurements to determine the severity of the condition and develop a treatment plan.

Some conditions require advanced imaging, such as a MRI or CT to see soft tissues (discs, tendons, ligaments, etc.). Our Doctors use this clinical information to help determine your condition and the best treatment options for you.

Nerve Testing (EMG/NCV) Studies
Patients suffering from symptoms in their arms or legs (pain, numbness, tingling, weakness, spasm, etc.) would typically benefit from an EMG/NCV test. Nerve tests are scheduled and performed in our office once a month by another provider. The test measures the strength and speed of the nerve impulses as they send signals in your arms &/or legs. This information will help to identify the location of your problem and also to objectively measure the severity of the condition.