Chiro 101 Series: What is Cold Laser Therapy?

Chiro 101 Series: What is Cold Laser Therapy?

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What is cold laser therapy?
Cold laser therapy is a safe and effective option to help with the treatment of carpal tunnel and other soft tissue injuries (tendons, ligaments, muscles, etc.) Cold laser therapy has also proved effective as a treatment for ACL injuries, rotator cuff injuries, sprains, strains, tendonitis, joint pain, and more. Cold laser therapy uses light waves at specific and safe frequencies to stimulate DNA and RNA. This stimulation encourages regeneration of the injured tissues, helps eliminate inflammation, and can end your pain. Cold laser therapy is FDA approved, non-invasive, and painless.

Does cold laser therapy hurt?
Absolutely not! Most patients feel a slight tingling sensation or a mild warmth. Some feel nothing at all. It is very comfortable.

If I am eligible for cold laser therapy, how many treatments will I need?
A typical carpal tunnel case may require anywhere from 10 to 30 treatments, depending on the severity of the case and other physiological factors.

How much will my treatment cost?
Insurance may participate with the cost of your care. Your insurance will be verified prior to any treatment. Financing is available to assist patients with financial needs when necessary.

How do I get started?
Give our office a call at (410) 877-8077 to set up your first appointment for an exam and necessary x-rays. After your first appointment, you will return to go over a detailed treatment plan with Dr. Herold to see how we can help you.