Non-surgical, Regenerative Treatment for Chronic Pain

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There are non-surgical options to heal joint pain! Revolutionary regenerative medicine has shown excellent results in accelerating healing of soft tissue and orthopedic joints. Pressure Wave Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma injections and Exosome injection treatment are three types of regenerative measures performed at Maryland Spine Institute to help boost the body's ability to heal and help you live the lifestyle you enjoy. Learn more about how we can relieve joint pain and schedule a complimentary consultation today!

If you have any questions about our Bel Air or Overlea locations, or would like to learn more about regenerative medicine at Maryland Spine Institute, our experienced team at Maryland Spine Institute is here to help.

What is Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is advanced medical science that has the potential to fully heal damaged cells, tissue and joints. Regenerative medicine is the science and methods by which we help restore the optimal functions of the body using various minimally invasive treatments. The therapeutic effects of regenerative medicine help to stimulate your body's own repair mechanisms to functionally heal irreparable cells, tissues, and organs.

If you are interested in regenerative medicine or have any further questions, please contact our team at Maryland Spine Institute today to schedule a consultation.